Cool Blue Bathroom Design Ideas for 2018

Friday, January 19th 2018. | Bathroom

For a very long time, blue has become the favorite color for the bathroom. This is because the blue bathroom has a very calming effect and reminds us of the sea or sky. In addition, it is suitable for you who like cleanliness and order. The blue bathroom can be placed anywhere such as a guest tub, main bath, or even a bathtub for children.

blue master bathroom design ideas with soaking tub shower combinationThere are various blue bathrooms available both with modern and simple concepts. You can specify the blue bathroom decoration can be smooth or bold. Here are some examples of blue bathroom decorating ideas.

Blue and White Bathrooms

1 blue and white bathroom design and small bathroom paint colorsThe bathroom with a blue and white color scheme has a timeless feel. This color combination is so common that it is very easy to find suitable accessories to make the design look perfect. Brush the whole wall with white and add some blue accessories. In addition, you should look for blue and white shower curtains and towels. But this color scheme can be the opposite of the blue painted walls and white tiles and bathroom accessories are dominated by white. Never hesitate to add a blue color to make space not visually boring.

Light Blue Bathroom

2 light blue bathroom ideas with freestanding bathtubs and dark wood flooringFor those of you who have a spacious bathroom then the color of blue light is perfect because it will look soothing and earthy. Baby blue is very good to be the basic color of the bathroom and it creates a clean look when used on bathroom walls or as a blue bathroom tile. It is also a great accent color for shades of blue or darker colors. This combination of colors makes the blue navy themed bathrooms nice because most people think of them as the color of the ocean. Along with the weather and light woods and some additions with nautical touches such as anchors and shells will make the perfect theme for the bathroom.

Dark Blue Bathroom

3 dark blue bathroom ideas with bathroom showers without doors and crystal chandelierTo create fun in the bathroom that uses a dark blue then it should be paired with the right color accents. You might be able to add a touch of gold color or create a theme about marine life by sticking pictures of dolphins or other. Dark blue can also look modern with a combination of clean straight lines and chrome fabrics. With a dark blue bathroom, you can create a tropical bathroom with a combination of dark blue on the walls and use lighter or warmer floor tiles.

Blue Bathroom Images Gallery

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