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Friday, January 19th 2018. | Bathroom

The basement is often a problem from time to time, but if you are smart to renovate then the basement will be a room that is really extra and can be used for various purposes. You can use the creativity for the basement to be used for other things such as living room, office, media room, wet bar, bed, bathroom, wine cellar, or playroom for children. However, the living room and laundry room is the most favorite to take advantage of the basement.

basement bathroom design ideas with ikea bathroom vanity units also modern tile flooringOn this occasion, we will provide some pictures of bathroom ideas for ground floor or basement. In every design or concept, it has a difference because it depends on the space you need as well as the basic colors as your bathroom inspiration. We’re sure you’ll love some of these basement bathroom ideas.

Decorating Basement Bathrooms

simple basement bathroom ideas with wood single vanity cabinet also white toiletThe hardest part of building a basement bathroom is choosing the appropriate or desired color. You can choose according to the style you want, but we suggest you use light shades because visually the bathroom will look more spacious. You can also choose neutral or warm colors as dominant colors that can provide comfort. There are so many styles you can try to decorate your basement bathrooms like modern style, retro, rustic, rough stone, farmhouse, industry, minimalist design, and so on. And do not forget to add accents or accessories to suit your chosen style such as pipe and metal for industrial-style bathrooms, yellow accents for retro bathrooms, or stone and wood as elements for natural bathrooms.

basement bathroom design with bathroom single sink vanity cabinet also small bathroom shower ideasIn addition, use creativity or you can hire an expert to decorate and choose the materials and textures in accordance with the style you want. You should also know the placement of the lights to make it evenly lighted and the lights should be bright for a basement atmosphere that receives little sunlight and that will make it comfortable. Lights should also be coated with waterproofing materials because basements are often damp.

After you have tried some of the designs we have given, or you have other ideas for designing the basement bathroom then have some fun.

Basement Bathroom Ideas Image Gallery

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