20 U-Shaped Kitchen Designs

Thursday, February 8th 2018. | Kitchen

U-shaped kitchen is a very practical kitchen layout when compared with other kitchen layout models such as L-shaped kitchen or galley kitchen because U-shaped kitchen is able to provide additional storage space. This model kitchen can also work in large rooms, but a small kitchen can benefit from a U-shaped design. So make sure you have about two meters of space moving around the opposite side of the unit.

kitchen cupboard designs beautiful kitchen designs luxury kitchen designIdeally from a U-shaped kitchen is you will have a window at the ‘U’ end. And this makes a great place for the sink, so you can look around your garden while you wash. In addition, if you are looking for an idea for a kitchen restaurant, U-shaped design can be taken into consideration. This concept relies heavily on the space you have, it may be easier to combine tables and chairs on the tip of the U shape.

U-Shaped Kitchen Designs for Small Kitchens

design your kitchen beautiful kitchen designs small u shaped kitchenIf you have a small kitchen space then try to turn the galley kitchen into a U-shaped kitchen using the three walls to be fitted with tools such as range cookers. After that, proceed with running the wall unit on this third wall for a well-designed space so that it can take advantage of all available space without feeling cramped. The selection of kitchen colors is also very influential and you can use warm colors such as white color that makes your kitchen feel wider.

U-Shaped Kitchen Designs with Breakfast Bar

kitchen redesign best kitchen ideas kitchen style ideasYou can expand the workbench to form a breakfast crib on the third side of a U-shaped kitchen like a peninsula, And the breakfast bar can widen the kitchen space to the center of the room so that it is free from any walls. In addition, you can also integrate between the kitchen and living quarters with the use of a single floor treatment or by introducing kitchen storage elements beyond the kitchen boundary. We recommend using open shelves to store water glasses and a glass of wine.

U-Shaped Kitchen with Bay Window Sink

kitchen cabinet design ideas kitchen ideas for small kitchens kitchen makeover ideasIn U-shaped kitchen layout, wide windows become important. Because of the wide use of windows can fill the space with light and show off the finished unit as well as rich wood and glazed tiles when exposed to light. The use of wood on the floor and worktops will bring warmth and comfort and add a rural edge.

Pictures of U-Shaped Kitchens
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